Dato' VC's Visit to MRI on 23rd March 2017

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MRI visit to STRIDE on 27th March 2017



MRI visited STRIDE (Science and Technology Research Institute for Defense), in Kajang, Selangor, on the 27th March 2017. A discussion was conducted, chaired by the Chief Director, Dr. Mohmad Asri bin Abd Ghani, to identify potential areas of collaboration. Million thanks to the management of STRIDE for hosting this visit. We are looking forward to kick-start fruitful collaboration between the two institution with much enthusiasm.





Technical Interchange Meeting for ASEAN Region Basic Research (TIM ASEAN 2017) is an annual meeting supported by the AOARD (Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development), where forums were held among universities/research institutes in the ASEAN region to present their recent research activities. The purpose of the forums is to foster research collaboration on topics of mutual interest globally. This year, TIM ASEAN 2017 was held at UTAR, Sg. Long Campus on the 23rd and 24th March 2017. MRI participated in this year TIM ASEAN, where a presentation regarding the institute and the university was delivered by Prof. Dr. Zaiki Awang, on the second day of the event.