The Institute currently has one of the most extensive microwave facilities in the country. We offer complete microwave and radio frequency sub-system design solutions, from circuit simulation to fabrication and testing. Our main capabilities can be categorized as follows:

1. RF and wireless sub-system design
2. Hybrid and monolithic microwave integrated circuit design
3. High frequency material fabrication and testing
4. Computer-aided design and fabrication
5. Microwave non-destructive testing
6. High frequency on-wafer measurements




MRI is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enable testing and measurements to be done in different media including free-space, coaxial, waveguide, microstrip and on-wafer from dc to 40 GHz.

The equipment includes:
1. Rohde & Schwarz ZVA40 vector network analyzer (10 MHz – 40 GHz)
2. Wiltron 37269A vector network analyzer (40 MHz – 40 GHz)
3. Wiltron and Agilent scalar network analyzers
4. Agilent and Anritsu RF spectrum analyzers
5. Marconi signal generator (20 MHz – 40 GHz)
6. Agilent and Wiltron synthesized sweep frequency generators (20 MHz – 40 GHz)
7. Cascade microwave wafer probe station
8. LeCroy 500 MHz digital storage oscilloscope (4 Gs/s)
9. Digital and analogue microwave frequency and power meters
10. Spot-focusing horn lens antennas, waveguide transitions and precision coaxial cables
11. Tektronix AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
12. Keysight N5227A PNA Microwave Network Analyzer, 67 GHz
13. Keithley 2231A-30-3 Triple-channel DC Power Supply
14. Creality CR10 3D Printer

Design activities at MRI are supported by a CAD suite which includes industry-standard packages:
1. Agilent ADS and Genesys microwave circuit simulators
2. CST Microwave Studio electromagnetic simulator



The following fabrication facilities are available at MRI:
1. Full-scale design and fabrication of microstrip circuits
2. Hybrid integrated circuit fabrication
3. Thin film technology
4. Raith electron beam lithography
5. Edwards thermal evaporator